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   Art Photography Workshops - 2017

    A) Creating Artistic Images and capturing your style...

    B) Are your creative juices blocked? Get your creative self Motivated!



A)  Art Photography Workshops

All art is subjective including photography. What you like or what I like and consider art could be very different. The Photographic masters and photo journalists in the days of film are considered the true Art Masters in photography today. In this workshop we discuss the masters, look at their styles and then concentrate on what your particular goals are in developing your artistic talents.

Photographic Style is a very big part of creating your art. Anyone can take a picture, but not everyone can create it artfully or with style.  Do you know what style in photography is? Did you know that each of us has a style all our own? Unlocking that place or our own unique vision can take time to discover and then developed. In this workshop we focus our attentions to the things that make us feel what we do by what we see. Photography is an evolving creation of how to capture what we see either in life our minds eye. As artists we create based on our visions and feelings. These visions can be in life or in our minds eye, our hearts and life's experiences.

If we are an artist our images are a reflection of our feelings that we can bring to the viewing public by means of our photographic tools. As artists, Photographic Image Makers,  it's our gift to be able to transpose our vision by photographic means. In this workshop we work on style and honing your creative process to the surface to create images that are a representation of your art and vision. For this program we  offer 8 classes or 3 day workshops. Please give us a call so we can get you in the schedule and create something for you individually. This work is intense and is all about you, what and how you see.

Every Month, Weekdays & Weekends 2017 |  Artful Photography -  Workshops & Classes

Creating Artistic images and capturing your style

Attendees should bring to these classes/workshops their camera and gear, laptop and software that they use for their Photographs. Please bring at least 100 of our favorite images to date. If you don't have software we can make recommendation's.  We will have classes, shooting at various locations, computer lab, assignments and critiques. We will create images together based on your classes and discovery. Be prepared to talk about various subjects as realized through your creative process.  

Creating your own art is much more than pressing the shutter of your camera or cell phone. The creative process involves several factors that make the difference between a nice picture and a thought provoking mindful image - an artful photographic image....

B)  Are you Blocked Creatively?

 Are you Blocked?    Have you put your creativety somewhere and can't find it?

You just can't get motivated? Your Images are just not exciting you the way they used to?

Stanwycks has been Life Coaching for over 5 years helping Creatives and Photographers get back to their Potential and Creative Endeavors...

This can be a large stumbling block for many that have creative professions. Technology can be intimidating; You don't see like you used to or feel the same way about it; something happened in your life that created a hurdle and a block to your creative heart and the journey you endeavor to love and find your creative path.  It happened to Vicki over 10 years ago and she had to figure it out, her livelihood depended on it. Vicki has been shooting since the late 80's and so much was changing including herself. Change brings on differences in evrything you do including your creative self.  She had to figure her stumbling blocks out on her own while still working. It did not effect her career thankfully as commercial photography is more about what the client wants. However it did effect her art work.   

She conquered her blocks with much self introspection to discover what got in the way of her art. After working through various things and self discovery, several months of activities to see and challenge herself, she triumphed and loves making her creative photographs and images again. Not only does she love it but she has been in several galleries and sells her work all over the United States. She even has some of her Images on display at the Smithsonian Institute. Realizing thieis a problem as well for others she then went on to become a life coach, so she could help others in their artisitic and photographic endeavors. Being creatively blocked in the creative parts of yourself can be depressing and hard to cope with.

Vicki has developed  2 and 4 day workshop's to help you find your creative self once again. Creativity can get sidetracked and lost in the shuffle of everyday lives and technology. Vicki has developed these workshops to help in getting your creative juices flowing again.  Stanwycks's workshops are held on weekends either in New Orleans or Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. They are intense but help you find that part of yourself that you need... to be excited about creating your art and images that make you feel good. Start creating again and follow the process.


Unblocking the Artist Within - One on One  and Couples Workshops

Every Month,  Weekends 2017 |  Recreating the Artist within  -  Workshops

During the Week, Good for Locals | 6-8 Lifecoaching Sessions  - Sessions

Being creative for self satisfaction, feeling good, and even excited about what you want to accomplish takes motivation and a clear mind. If your mind is jumbled and your life is crazy the creative peocess can be tainted and you can feel negatively  challeneged if not intimidated, hence making the creative process seem like climbing a huge mountain.  The creative process is different for everyone and everyone thrives better or worst under different sets of circumstances. Some people even work better under stress. This workshop is focused on you, around figuring our what makes you come alive creatively like you once were or perhaps simply different than what you once were so you can find the creatively that has somehow gotten locked up and why. These workshops have been a good place to start to get you seeing and feeling your creative self once again. If you are struggling this could be just what you need.

Attendees should bring to these classes/workshops their camera and gear, laptop and software that they use for their Photographs. Please bring at least 100 of your latest images so we can look at where you are now.   There will be life coaching sessions, discussions, writing excercises,  shooting at various locations, possible computer processes demonstrations. We will create images together based on your discovery and coaching sessions. Be prepared to talk about various subjects as realized through the creative process.  

Classes are taught at Stanwycks Photography's, Professional Photography Studio. Vicki Stanwycks studied at ITT Tech, Germain School of Photography, ICP and several master photographers she worked under while studying and working her career in New York City and New Orleans. Now she adds Life coaching to her skill set as certified by the Orange County Life Coaching Institute in California. Her Photography education and experience started in the days of film and many of the photography techniques from that time, prove invaluable in todays digital arena.

She brings these skills into the present digital arena knowing how to shoot digitally for the most eye catching digital images imitating film. She has a good knowledge of tools that are used in today's digital toolbox creating outstanding colorful images. Her studio prints from large format printers making Giclee prints, on several surfaces and textures on different papers and canvas.

Classes, Coaching sessions, and workshops are scheduled individually and in groups up to 5. Individual attendees wanting classes or full days, and weekends - gain more individual attention.  If you want to combine several areas of photography study custom workshops can be made for you... Thank you.


Artful Photography and Style

Black and White Camera

Creating Artistic Images for the Artist Within...

Coaching Workshops and Sessions for Helping your Creativety.... Get your juices flowing!

This workshop will enhance your vision and give you tools to be more mindful in the creative process and help you develop your style.

Workshops, Classes and Individual Coaching sessions are available

We schedule workshops and classes working mainly  with individuals one on one.  Call today to schedule your Workshop or class.

Learning how you see and what sparks your enthusiasm will guide you to develop your talents further.


Do you want to create more artistic images, develop your style and see more effectively in relationship to your photography?

Photography is a lot more than your cameras and gear. Artful photography uses your gear as a tool to get to the image with in.  Understanding your vision and developing your art makes you unique to the world you live in as do your images. This is hat we work on in this workshop.

Art in Photography is different to each individual and to each individual shooting style....

Develop your Art.

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