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Food Photography is an art if done properly.

There are many factors that go into food photography other then the normal things like capture, lighting, image quality, backgrounds, etc. The best way to accomplish good photography is to hire a good food stylist that knows how to prepare food for the camera. When they say they use glue as milk, it's true. The lines on a steak, the sesame seeds on a hamburger bun, the smooth surface in a pot of gumbo, the scoops of ice cream that don't melt, the egg yolks that are a beautiful golden yellow, a beverage the right color, the right ice cube, the right condensation around the glass, beer - the right amount of foam in a frosty mug. All this created just for the camera and it takes time and preparation. Looking at food with the eye and looking at food through a camera lens are two different things. Preparing food for the lens is an absolute art in itself and can make all the difference to a professional commercial photography food shoot. Food needs to look it's best for advertising and we accomplish that by having all the elements in place before photography begins. Refrigeration and a good food prep kitchen are a must for a specialized shoot like food. We provide refrigeration and a full kitchen to prepare your dishes. We can set up a studio on-location at your kitchen if need be. Please call us today so we can schedule a consultation to discuss your assignments needs.

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Food Photography

Including Beverage, Restaurant, Menu, Food and Recipe Development, Sales, etc.

  • Full and Half Day Rates Available

  • Locations Outside of New Orleans + time and Expenses

  • Travel Time and Session if  more than 2 hours, 1/2 day rate applies

  • Half and Full Day Rates - Price determined on assignment

  • Images via Drop Box Available, remastering included, Please Inquire

  • All images available

  • Digital Processing

  • Retouching available

Mixed Media choices available, Printed materials, brochures and Graphic Design, retouching and digital darkroom Photoshop services available

Studio and Location

Photographers can set up a studio anywhere, and shoot at your location or ours.

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