New Orleans Louisiana Graduation and Senior Photography Studio New Orleans Louisiana Graduation Photographers and Senior Photography Studio New Orleans Louisiana Senior and Graduation Photographers, Senior Photography Studio New Orleans Louisiana Graduation Senior Photography Studio
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Graduation and Senior Photography

Graduation Photo Lifestyle Photo Headshots New Orleans

Lifestyle Looks for Seniors in the Park, French Quarter

A favorite place... or where you want to go...

Images shot individually and this client brought her BFF along for the shoot. They look amazing in Black and White... We shot them Color Black and white. They got large  20x24 on canvas for each of them.

Graduation Photos New Orleans Headshots 2

Talent New Orleans Headshots 5

Men Actor Headshots

Everyone we shoot, model or otherwise we make their images unique and shoot them as though they were a model or an actor...  

Senior Boys

Actors Headshots

     Some of the images above were of actors or models and some were High School Seniors...


Headshots for Seniors, Graduations Photos unique and show your personal style....

New Orleans Photo

Book a session with our studio  today to reserve your studio time. Different sessions available for single looks to several clothes changes.

Graduation and Senior Photo Sessions

We work with you like we work with our models.

  • Simple One Look/Outfit Session in Studio Starting at $139.

  • Simple One Outfit Session on Location

  • Two Outfit Session in Studio

  • Two Outfits in Studio and On-location

  • Additional Looks AS Many as you want, Inquire

  • Images on Drop Box, Please Inquire

  • Headshots and Comp Card Layouts

  • Senior Magazines, Books and Albums

  • Facebook Timelines

  • Storyboard Large Prints

  • Metal Prints

  • Senior Graduation Invitations and Save the Date

With every session we look at your images in our viewing room on the same day. We can also upload your photos onto our Web Site. You can view your session from anywhere and all images are password protected.  Packages Available On-Line

 Whatever you want for your Graduation Photos, we can  make it happen. We have worked with clients who have some unique ideas.    504.899.9394

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Studio and Location Sessions

Ongoing 2017 | Call today
Working in front of a Camera Workshop

Everyone thinks it's so easy to be a model, right?  This workshop discusses clothing, facial care before the shoot, and different looks will be covered including posing.

Visit our Workshop Page for upcoming Classes and Workshops
We offer workshops for Modeling, Talent, and the Photographer...

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