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The studio accepts deposits and payments via Cash, Credit Card, or Pay Pal using any major credit card or your Pay Pal account. All assignments require a 50% deposit or payment in full depending on the assignment.  We can also process payments over the phone by speaking directly to customer service or using our secure payment options. Workshops, Classes or Coaching can be paid in advance of our programs similar to any educational or training programs. We provide  great service and take pride in our programs. We love to help people make better Images.  People, Places and Things are what we photograph and bring our experience and knowledge to our programs to better serve your photography experience. Do you want to give someone a wonderful gift? We offer Gift Certificates for any one of our services, Wedding, Graduation, Boudoir,  Workshops and Classes for example. This service proves invaluable for holidays, birthdays and just because... It also ,makes shopping for someone special easy.

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Assignments, Event Payments, Deposits & Gift Certificates

To Hire Us, the studio accepts deposits various payment options including Pay Pal or your Credit Card.  Please Look at the options available, orr call us for to process payments over the phone. We offer several Assignments Deposit options. Payment and deposits do not include taxes or expenses.

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If you need to pay for an assignment, Aerial, commercial, destination, service, retouching etc.
Gift Certificates

If you wish to give someone a gift towards  a service; Session, Wedding, Boudoir, Workshop. This is a nice way to give a gift.

   Workshops, Classes, and Coaching

After you have chosen what workshop, class or Coaching  options,  choose one of the options listed below. Please call us in advance to check availability so we can get you scheduled.  Or call us  to process payments over the phone. We offer several payment options via Pay Pal using your Credit Card.

Workshops Photography Classes    Photography Coaching


Photography Classes



Commercial Assignments    |  Corporate Assignments    |  Conventions Assignments 

Event  Assignments   |   People Assignments  |   Models, Talent, Actors and Executives  

Lifestyle Assignments     |    Wedding  Assignments      |     Boudoir  Assignments  

Family Assignments      |   Graduation and Senior Assignments  



The New Orleans Weekend Workshop     |   The French Quarter - New Orleans Workshops  

New Orleans Mardi Gras Weekend Workshop    |   The New Orleans Bayou Workshop

New Orleans Beginners,  Intermediate & Advanced   Weekend Workshop     (You Decide which)

 New Orleans Night Photography Workshop    |     New Orleans Color & Light Photography Workshop

Black & White  Photography Workshop          |     Street Photography, Day or Weekend   

Processing the Image Computer Workshop     |    Travel Photography Weekend   

Photographing People  Weekend    |  Classes and Coaching to make you a better shooter

Wedding Planning Workshop         (Page to come, Please call)   We have shot more than 1500 Weddings...

Model Workshops - In front of the Camera        One on One and Small Groups    

Please call today. If you don't see something listed here we can design a workshop based on what you want to see or learn.


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Studio, Location & Aerial Assignments

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Just pick what you need, then call us to see if we are available and pick from one of the options above and pay. We will be here, there  or where ever you need us to shoot your assignment.

Do you want to see New Orleans through the Lens of your Camera?

In the French Quarter, New Orleans or the Bayou we make it happen. We will show you the sights and sounds of this amazing city. From Uptown to Downtown and all around the town, we know New Orleans really well. With your camera it becomes even better to shoot the different parts that this city is famous for. 

Hanging Moss trees, Gators, and the Louisiana Bayou makes for a wonderful experience that everyone should see at least once in their life. With your camera you get to make images and take them home!

Art for your life. This is what our workshops and classes are all about. Be the best you can be and make great images. Put a camera in someone's life and they get to create in a way that only any individual can, from their point of view.

 Coaching  2017 | Call today

Coaching One on One

Everyone thinks it's so easy to shoot photos, right? In our coaching sessions camera technique is discussed, gear, shooting on the fly, and many other things are covered, discovered and discussed. Assignments and Critiques will be part of the coaching program.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.


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