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Photography Coaching

Vicki Stanwycks is a Certified Life Coach. As a Coaches she works with her clients to build their skills behind the camera with focus and a real dedication to make sure they get better at shooting images.

Over the years our work is focused  developing  ideas  behind the scenes for advertising and self promotion. Coaching for Individuals proves valuable for those  who want to build their skills at creating  images that reflect a looks that project personal composition and style depending on where you are in the process.  

Our coaching and mentoring programs work to help develop resources,  staging ideas and concepts to aid in your endeavors. Anyone can get Photos, it's what you do with the photos and their content.


Photography Mentoring And The Coaching Experience

New Orleans Photo, Stanwycks Photography is located in the Uptown area of New Orleans. Vicki Stanwycks has been shooting Advertising, Aerial, Corporate, Industrial assignments and Models, Actors, Executives, CEO's and Politicians for over 24 years.  Vicki  knows how to shoot for her clients and create images that reflect vision.   Experience, first hand knowledge, and certification are the qualifications for Coaching. Call us to help get your photography skills to the next level.

Vicki Stanwycks is a  Photography Coach working with Photography students from a Professional Photographers point of view.  She has worked with countless Models, Advertising Agencies and corporate clients  Stanwycks Photography's experience is well rounded by knowing what  looks good from a photographer's  points of view.  It's not easy to shoot on the fly and get good images, or know what to do first.  We have developed a program that works for our clients eager to get better with their cameras from beginner to more advanced.

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Photography Coaching

...from a Photographers Point of View

We have to make clients look and feel good in front the camera every day and have been doing it for over 25 years. We know what looks good in front of the lens either in the studio or on location... This experience brings us the knowledge to work with our clients and coach them to create better images.

Programs require a weekly, bi weekly, or monthly individual commitment. Their are three levels, basic, medium and advanced. Whatever choice you make, together we find your positive path. You will be able to measure your progress by outcome. Tap into your hearts desire,  and make what's in your minds eye a reality with your camera and the images you create.

Please call to schedule an appointment, to get started.

Our initial consultation will determine what sessions will be best for you.  The best teacher is experience.  We critique many factors as part of the process. You will see. Call us for your consultation today.

"The more you work at this and on yourself the more you can become successful. We are motivated to help you succeed."

Call for your consultation today!

Coaching Sessions and Workshops

We can help develop your shooting style and work with you to build better composition and better images ....

We will be a positive influence with your camera and imaging techniques...


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"Ongoing" means we try to be flexible between assignments. We teach on wekdays and weekends days a week depending on your schedule and ours..."


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