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New Orleans Boudoir Photography

New Orleans Pin Up Photography

Boudoir Photography, In Studio or On-Location, different Boudoir Styles to Choose from....

So... You like the Vargas Girls and want to be one... always wanted to have a Boudoir Photography Session... We have several styles to choose from including Pin Up Style Photography...

Book your Boudoir Photo session today. We can make you look fantastic and Beautiful...These images were created for a Fitness Instructor from Los Angeles. She Booked a Super Model Package that included more than 5 outfits, with studio and location choices.  She even brought her dog for a few shots. Her husband gave her their dog, so she wanted the dog in a few shots. She used the images for her Fitness Company and made a beautiful album for her Husband.  This can be you.

Either in the studio or on-location... we make the whole photo shoot a breeze, and all about you.  Call us so we can discuss what you want to do!  So... You always wanted to have a Boudoir Photography Session... thought it wasn't the right time... or felt self conscious... We can help with that for sure...  You do not have to feel self conscious... Knowing full well,  that's easy for us to say!!!  LOL... We make you feel relaxed and at ease,  at your photo shoot. We are completely respectful of your privacy and know that most woman are not used to becoming super models in an instant. Our Boudoir photo shoots are shot by woman and we coach you through your shoot -  posing, outfits and help you feel confident. The proof is in the photos, you will see. Many clients can't pick.

Every client has a different idea of Sexy and we respect everyone's taste. It is great to go over a few things in advance so we can have an idea of the sets you want for your looks. We have some very specific things we like to shoot that woman love. So wherever we choose to shoot, we like to incorporate a few ideas into your photo shoot that we know you will like.  These images can be you. We photograph all kinds of people including men for boudoir... Wives, Mothers, CEO's, Secretaries, Soccer Moms, and the like... Guys? Couples? We can do that too...  Either in the studio or on-location... we make it easy for you to feel and look like a model...  Be a model for a day!!! We have Super Model Packages where you can have many outfits and a Make Up artist. The Holidays are coming... Everyone's idea of Sexy is different and we can make you look great with whatever looks you choose... What a great gift for the person in your life! Call today and schedule an appointment. Lets talk soon!  *Due to the sensitive nature of Boudoir assignments we do not display at random our clients images, or show very many.

   Boudoir Images on Location...

Pin Up Styles, Modern or Vintage....

Stanwycks Photography, New Orleans Photo

Loves to capture the essence of your style... Modern or Vintage looks... we try to plan in advance what looks you want to capture. We shoot with our main goal in mind , to make a woman look beautiful,  capturing a sense of your own individual sexy style and look. Everyone has their own unique style...

Boudoir, Pin Up Photography

New Orleans  Boudoir Images
  • Simple Sessions                                                                            $139

  • Full Boudoir Sessions Starting with one outfit                              

  • Two  Outfit Studio Session                                                       

  • Same as Above, One Outfit Session... On Location Outdoors                                                                    

  • Locations Outside of New Orleans + time and Expenses 

  • Two Outfit Session On-Location

  • Additional Looks

  • Travel Time and Session if  more than 2 hours, 1/2 day rate applies

  • Retouching available

Studio and Location Sessions

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Studio and Location Sessions

  • Colorful Sessions, Colorful Locations

  • Private and Confidential

  • Woman Photographers

  • Everyone's idea of sexy is unique and all their own

  • We make you look great

  • Make Up Artists Available

  • Vintage Styles

  • We can go to your location

  • Wall Art, Metal Prints,

  • Albums, Canvas Prints, Giclees, Black and white or color...

  • Professional Magazine Style Images that reflect your looks...

  • Book your session today
  • Coffee Table Books designed just for you....

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