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Specializing In Photography of People

Headshots International Offers Many Services


Stanwycks Shoots Headshots and Model Portfolios for Actors & Models. The Studio can shoot On-Location or in the Studio to create the looks that you need to Market your Personal Brand.


We shoot Corporate Photography telling the story of  your industry from Executive Headshots, Corporate Events and the coverage of the people that make things happen for your company.


Lifestyle Photography is centered around the people and events that make life special, Portraits, Graduation, Weddings, Couples, Families, Events, and even Boudoir Style Photography

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Headshots International

People for Commercial Usages, Corporate, Modeling & Acting

Stanwycks Photography - Headshots, Portfolios, Models and Talent

Headshots for Actors, Executives and Talent...

Our studio specializes in Headshots. We have been photographing people for more than 23 years. We offer coaching during our headshots sessions to bring out the best in you so you will look great on your Web Site, in Front of  Casting Directors, Branding and for Social Media. Do you want to look great in Pictures? Call us!
Stanwycks Photography - Headshots, Portfolios, Models and Talent

 Headshots - Sessions

Corporate, People at Work, Industrial, Food and Various Industries.... Web Sites, Social Media... It's endless what we need a good headshot for... It's important though especially for business.

About Us

Have Camera's will Travel. With over 23 years of Photography Experience we can shoot anywhere, in the studio or On-Location. Please read our pages to see our images and our tservices so you can see how we can benefit you!

Our Staff

Our Photographers can handle all assignments - large and small and have the innovative talent and photography know how to create great images. Our team is reliable, dependable and even entertaining. WE make it easy and happy for our client's.

Our Services

IN the Studio or on location we offer many services. We have different lighting kits and camera's to accommodate your assignment wherever and whatever it is. We even have different aircraft available for aerial assignments and stylists to add a great flare to your images especially Food Photography.

Get In Touch

We work mostly in New Orleans as it keeps us very busy. Between the Port, Conventions, and our commercial work we are everywhere with Camera in hand. Please call us today at 504.899.9394 and we can help you with whatever you may need. Thank you!!!

The Corporate Market Place

Stanwycks Photography specializes in Corporate Photography for over 23 years. The Corporate field is varied between Entrepreneur's, Executives, Staff and various CEO's of large companies that travel all over the USA and globally. Corporate is wherever business is made. The Corporate look needs to be Professional, Commercial,  innovative, Fresh and Edgy, depending largely on what the nature of the business is... We offer a Traditional look and can do "different." Whatever you are going for, we have you covered for sure. the Bottom Line? Our Photographer's will make you look great!

Headshots International

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Headshots International Offers Many Services


Modeling Portfolios & Comp Cards

Headshots International offers sessions for Models and Actors so you can create your Modeling Comp Cards and Actors Headshots. Comp Cards and Headshots are Very Important for Self Branding!

The Glamourous Executive

Executive Headshots & Portraits

Headshots International Photographs Executive Headshots and Portraits In the Studio or On Location. We can go to your location and photograph your Staff, Executives, Offices and Board Rooms. If you want a single headshot or to tell a story about your Company, Legal Firm or Employees, we can make you look Great!!!

Actors, Models, Executives...

Actors Headshots

Headshots International Photographs Executives, Actors Headshots and Models in the Studio or On-Location. We assist in creating your brand. We also create 8x10 Comp Cards, Hand-Outs for the Agencies, a. We can create one look or multiple looks. 

Branding and Commercial

Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography Enhances your Brand, Your Company, Your Look, and photographs all the elements that make you look fantastic! Advertising, Products, People - Studio & Location

Sales, Products, Food, Corporate, Industrial, Aerial, People at Work, Ships...


Industrial Photography

Photography of People and various industries that keep America Working. Our Photographers go behind the scenes and photograph People at work and various Operations, Machinery for Manufacturing, Travel, Shipping and Transportation, etc. Not all Photography is Glamorous but we like to make assignments look easy, and Great no matter where we are!

New Orleans Meetings

Convention Photography

Headshots International Photographs Events, Meetings and Conventions. We can shoot Your events at the convention center, booths and parties. We can set up a studio at your Convention and photograph the people attending. there is no better way to capture images of people from all over and maintain a consistent look. 

Intimate Images

Boudoir Photography

Intimate Photography for you and (or) your loved one. Theses sessions are more for the subject than anything else. Subjects feel so good after their sessions because they look so good!

We offer several sessions that enhance your look in an Intimate playful way. Sessions in Studio or Location. Boudoir Photography is great especially for Wedding Gifts, Valentines Day making you the center of attention in a memorable way...

Retouching and Remastering

Photography Retouching

We make everyone look as wonderful as they are in Pictures... However, as much as our clients love their Images, some have little things they may wish to enhance or change a little.

We offer Retouching, remastering and a little polish around the edges. Check it out!

Learn Photography

Photography Courses, Classes & Workshops

We love to teach Photography especially in New Orleans and the MS. Gulf Coast. Classes are great and teach you the ins and outs of your cameras and workflow. Workshops are full days, with photography coaching whilst shooting at various locations for your given workshop. If you want to see New Orleans, Take some great Photos and learn in the process this is for you!

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Headshots International

Modeling Portfolios and Actors Headshots

Actors and & Modeling Portfolios, in The Studio or On-Location we will make you look great and get you noticed by those looking to hire you. We offer Comp Cards and Portfolios. Call today!

Photographing People, Creating Brands

Headshots International specializes in Photographing People for their respected Industries, Corporate, and Lifestyle Images. One day we're  in the studio photographing Headshots, the next day at the New Orleans Convention Center Photographing 100 people for a corporate website. Every day and  every person or subject is different. Our job is to make everyone look good for whatever the assignment...
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Headshots In Studio, On-Location & Conventions, Corporate

Stanwycks Photography's staff can set up a studio at your location. we can Photograph your Conventions and set up our location studio at your Convention! What better place to photograph your People when they are all together at a convention in New Orleans!

Corporate & Executive Headshots

We can Photograph your Team from Hard Hats to Suits...

The Workplace today can be in any environment, outside at an industrial location, to inside a beautiful 50 floor Corporate building. Our specialty is showing people at work in all environments. Executive Headshots in the office or studio or showing the jobsite showing the people who make things happen.

Models & Talent, Headshots and Portfolios

Modeling Portfolios and Actors Headshots

Actors and & Modeling Portfolios, in The Studio or On-Location we will make you look great and get you noticed by those looking to hire you. We offer Comp Cards and Portfolios. Call today!

Commercial Photography

Commercial Images Create Images for Your Business

Commercial Photography

Stanwycks Photography Studios specializes in commercial photography. Our Photographers create images showing your company's products in the best light, heightening products and the corporate brand. A picture is sometimes worth 1000 words, but hopefully the images we create for you can generate $1,000's of dollars!

Lifestyle Photography

Photography of Your Life

Lifestyle Photography Information

Lifestyle Photography are the images we hold of those important to us... Images that unwrap parts of out lives of People, Places and Events in the studio, on-location, and at venues where our lives unfold...

Lifestyle Images

Family & Couple's Photography

Boudoir Sessions

Headshots International
of New Orleans & Mississppi

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A Photo Shoot, As Easy As 01. 02. 03.



A large Photo Shoot sometimes requires a good amount of planning or Pre Production. Depending on the assignment it is good to come up with a plan of action.

Call us, so we can start figuring out your plan of action for a simple session or a complicated Assignment. We can help you come up with a great solution for sure!


The Shoot

With the Plans in Place... Simple to Complicated - The shoot day is here... If the shoot is in the studio we can get organized and begin shooting pictures. If On-Location everything should be in place and our photographers can walk right in, set up the lights and get the assignment started and finished.

We like to make it easy for clients and that is what we do!


Post Production

Post Production starts with picking the clients images, remastering and retouching what's necessary and packaging the images for production and where the images will live and be used. Images once created take on a life all their own... The images created will become a part of you and your companies image...

A Little About Headshots International

New Orleans
Headshots International

Headshots for Branding

If you need a Portfolio with different looks, a web site, or images for mixed media purposes, we design the shoot prior to your actual session. It's Great when the client and the studio has a plan in advance including; outfits, locations and usages... We do this every day for Models, Politicians, and those that need to enhance their looks or their brand.

Headshots International Photographs People in the public eye. We focus on developing images that reflect your look, your image, and your brand. We have been photographing people for more then 22 years and shoot either in the studio or on-location. We photograph Models, Actors, CEO's, Executives Corporate, Doctors, Industrial etc.

Before Your Sessions

Headshots International has been photographing People for more than 22 years and is located in Uptown of New Orleans. Vicki Stanwycks,  the Chief Photographer, has been photographing people from all walks of life locally, nationally, and internationally.

New Orleans Headshots, shoots Headshots for Model & Talent, Executives for Corporate, Politicians, Celebrities, Conventions, and Events.

We have service options before a session.  We schedule either a simple headshot session or those who need more extensive photographs to several locations, a staff of employees or an industrial sight showing people at work.
We offer Packages, We set up studios on-location every day at various locations. If you can't come to the studio, we come to you.

Aerial Photography - A view while flying one afternoon...

Vicki Stanwycks Photographer Shooting Aerial Photography over the Mouth of the Mississippi River

"Ideas are what creates great Images!"

Photography and Creating a Brand for You or Your Company

We Produce Great Photography

People, Places and Things...

We Offer Awesome Photography Services... & Are Here To Help You

Studio Services

Check out New Orleans Photo's different services. When we say we shoot "People, Places and Things..." We really mean it!

We offer a wide variety of experience.  When we are shooting your assignment we don't just bring cameras and lighting gear, we will know just what to do, to create the images you need!

Get In Touch

New Orleans Photo, Stanwycks Photography would love for you to take a look around our web site and then if you like it, we hope you will contact us for your next assignment.

If you have some ideas you're thinking about for a Photo Shoot, we can discuss them to figure out what works best for you!  -Thank you!

About Us


Colorful Images or Black and White, In Studio or On-Location... We create photography for all walks of life every day....

Please check out our "About Us" page so you can know more about who you are working with. We work all over New Orleans, Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.

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Ready to find out more about our Photography Studio?

We would like very much to discuss  your project with you!

Models, Actors, Executives, Corporate, Events, Families...

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Image Design & Branding

Great Images Speak Volumes For Your Brand

Our studio is a commercial photography studio that specializes in photography that features your business; wherever you need to show your images...

Good photography tells a story about who you are and what you do, it's what we do. We help you create that image! Are you putting a Web site together? Do you need to have images that reflect your brand?  Stanwycks Photography/New Orleans Photo creates images for all types of mixed media...  Websites, Facebook, Handouts, Brochures, LinkedIn, and whatever you need.

Super Support

At Stanwycks Photograph we strive to deliver great Images,  Outstanding Customer Service. Every customer is important and creating images that are important to you, is just as important to us. Many of our clients have been with us for years and we  are their Go -To photographers. We want to shoot your first assignment and for a long time to come.

Grabbing your audience's attention is really important to the success of your business...

How your audience sees your website or promotional materials are important to the success of your business. Everything is visual from the phone to your computer. Trusting your visual materials to professionals who know how to create images that sell, is important to your success...Creating a plan of action is crucial to any photo shoot and that's what we do!

Services in New Orleans & Ms. Gulf Coast

Stanwycks Photography's main location is in the heart of New Orleans. We Shoot all over Louisiana and are also on the Gulf Coast every in Gulfport and Bay St. Louis. Doesn't matter where we are, Stanwycks shoots on-location, for Corporate, Industrial or Lifestyle assignments.

We shoot on-location and set up at your location or ours. We will set up a studio almost anywhere depending on the assignment. The main focus is to make it easy for clients and deliver quality images that reflect your look and brand.



Photography Excellence

Studio or On-Location Stanwycks Photography creates images for you and your team, whatever the project. Our Photography services are excellent and come with 23+ years of experience. We offer  cutting edge technology to insure you are getting the best in imaging.

Please call us today

We try to help you come up with a plan for your Photography  so that your projects run smoothly and cost effective. "A  good plan can make all the difference in the world to any assignment, especially yours..."

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Contact Us for your next Photography Project!

Stanwycks Photography offers Imaging services in the studio or on-location. Our pricing is competitive and experience speaks volumes. We offer the latest in technology and deliver the best imaging Products ever.  Please call so we can have the opportunity to discuss what you are thinking and will help you turn your thoughts and ideas into reality!

Client Love

"Vicki Stanwycks has been using Air Reldan, Inc. for aerial photography for over 20 years. Her demanding criteria of the pilots performance over a photo site is paramount to getting the right images; which is evident when you see the photographic accomplishments created over the years. It is always a pleasure working with her, and her high standards and creativity make her a unique professional photographer"

-Neal Nadler, President Air Reldan. 

"Vicki and I have worked together for years, she is extremely professional, creates great images and is easy and fun to work with..."

 -Arthur Hardy

"Our Executives never looked so Good! She takes the time with our Attorneys and has been giving us what we need for our web site and printed materials for several years.

 -Horice Foley

"After having a Professional Relationship with Vicki over the years She has always been right there with the flow - shooting ships, aerial, and operations; then laborers one day and CEO's the next... Always delivering professional results."

-Lee Alexander

"Vicki always has the knack for not only getting the right shot, but executing the shot in a way that is unobtrusive to the subjects - Vicki has been capturing the magic and the memories of my events for quite a number of years,"

 -David Schulingkamp

"Stanwycks Photography delivers outstanding Images. We have used her for our corporate websites, at our various locations and all our corporate events. Anything we send her way, she gets it done quickly and beautifully..

-Joanne Paisley

"Professional, Efficient, works hard and completes every project in a timely manner, the photography is fantastic. "

-Janine Trottier

Stanwycks Photography creates Images for Executives

David Briggs

"Wow! Had no idea what goes into a photo shoot. We had to shoot our company, including the people that run it (Me and my family) and our employees. We had to shoot what we manufacture and make it look good. We left it to Vicki and she put it all together for us, from the shoot days to giving us final images for our graphic designers. All we had to do was show up and smile... Thank you Vicki!"


Jennifer Otello

"We had been planning a Luncheon event for several months, a corporate meeting with several award recipients and speakers. One of our staff was going to shoot it and they got sick. Stanwycks Photography stepped in and got exactly what we needed and more. We used the photos for our website and our upcoming newsletter. We will hire them again. They saved the day!"

Headshots International

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