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Our Images are available to view and purchase in various sizes, styles and mediums. If you have any questions Please give us a call. If you want something special we can create it for you. Please take a look and happy viewing. Thank you.

Mardi Gras Images and Workshops

Vicki Stanwycks has been offers specialty services to New Orleans and the United States. Presently she offers Photography Workshops on various topics in Photography. Her Beginning and Intermediate Classes are all private and she teaches the ins and out's of the camera, light and shooting techniques. Coaching is also available on-location.

A Little Bit About...

Stanwycks Photography Studio is right in the heart of New Orleans. We have been offering Workshops, Photography Classes and Coaching for over 10 years. Vicki Stanwycks has been a photographer for more then 23 years and started back in New York City with Film. Fil Photography gave a great foundation for Digital Photography. Vicki has been shooting digital since the beginning and was the first one in New Orleans to Post Large Event Photos in New Orleans for Sale. the studio was shooting more than 30,000 images a year for Mardi Gras and posting them for Mardi Gras Goers to look at and Purchase.

Mardi Gras Photography Classes & Workshops


Mardi Gras Coming - Soon 2024

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Experience the Mardi Gras Madness like never before, with your Camera...

Create Your Own Mardi Gras Photography... Create Mardi Gras Art... Yours!!!  We Have been shooting Mardi Gras for more than 20 years and pounded the pavements of the Parade Routes shooting Floats,  Mardi Gras Krewes, Parties, Music, Bands, Beads, and everything Mardi Gras. We offer Workshops for the last three years and are gearing up for our fourth year.  Check out our Mardi Gras Workshops! We have great success with our workshops and highly recommend them for the one who wants to get a front row seat and shoot Mardi Gras. It will be Fun and your images will be great!
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Mardi Gras Art, By Vicki Stanwycks

Photographs, Digital Polaroid Transfers and Photo Paintings...

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Mardi Gras Photography Classes & Workshops

Mardi Gras Photography Workshops & Classes In New Orleans are Fun, Interesting and offer lots of Information... You have an opportunity to see Mardi Gras and Photograph it in all it's Glory!!! Classes are scheduled individually and in groups up to 6. Individual attendees wanting classes or full days - weekends gain more individual attention.  If you are wanting to combine several areas of photography study, we can do that as well.  Thank you.

Mardi Gras Photography Workshops and Classes

We offer all kinds of workshops and can offer you something based on what you want to learn....
Classes are taught at Stanwycks Photography's Professional Photography Studio. Vicki Stanwycks studied at ITT Tech, Germain School of Photography, ICP and several master photographers she worked under while studying and working her career in New York City and New Orleans. She was educated and worked in the days of film and many of these techniques prove invaluable in todays digital arena.
She brings these skills into the present digital arena knowing how to shoot digitally for the most eye catching digital images imitating film. She has a good knowledge of tools that are used in today's digital toolbox creating outstanding colorful images. Her studio prints from large format printers making Giclee prints, on several surfaces and textures on different papers and canvas.
Classes are scheduled individually and in groups up to 6. Individual attendees wanting classes or full days - weekends gain more individual attention.  If you are wanting to combine several areas of photography study, we can do that as well.  Thank you.

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Workshops and Classes

MARDI GRAS - Two Separate Weekends of Mardi Gras & Mardi Gras Day - You Choose

New Orleans Mardi Gras Photography Workshops - Each Weekend featured Workshop 2 days each from morning to night on both days of the weekend and Mardi Gras day. Includes classes and hands on shooting with Vicki Stanwycks. Students must bring their own gear. Food and beverages will be available in studio. Classes, shooting and critique. Experience Mardi Gras Like never before... (Each Weekend is Separate and includes 2 Mardi Gras Weekend days, Mardi Gras day is separate and is different than the weekends.  Each experience is different and quite Awesome!

Stanwycks Photography's


New Orleans Tradition, To Have Your Photographs Taken on the Parade Route By Stanwycks

It has become a New Orleans tradition to get your Mardi Gras pictures from  Vicki Stanwycks has been giving Mardi Gras Workshops for the last three years and again this year as advertised on-line and in Arthur Hardy's Mardi Gras Guide.

Every years since Digital photography was developed, Vicki Stanwycks and her team of photographers have gone into the uptown areas of New Orleans and covered every Mardi Gras parade providing coverage for no charge, creating images of your Mardi Gras experience.

Over the years  has created some very colorful images that can be found in many homes and offices all over the city.  our talented, energetic happy Photographers!

New Orleans Photo and Mardi Gras On Line Ordering

Over the years  has created some very colorful images that can be found in many homes and offices all over the city.

However this year we will be shooting in parade at our discretion and your photos can be found on-line, If you receive our yellow card  as always you will find your photos... their just won't be the coverage's we have always provided.

This will be for our workshops, art and fun... The images are posted on line and you can view them for no obligation and acquire them in all print sizes, packages and souvenirs. We are getting ready for Mardi Gras now.... 

See you then, and smile when you see our photographers. Don't forget if you received our yellow card you were photographed by our talented, energetic happy Photographers!


Mardi Gras Workshops & Classes

Vicki Stanwycks - the owner of Stanwycks Photography, offers several Weekend Parade Workshops and the Day of big day, Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras Day. the Majority of the Parades line up near to the studio so we have front row seats every year to the parades. From this vantage point their is so much opportunity to create Most interesting, colorful and memorable Mardi Gras Images.

Mardi Gras Art

For the last 20+ years Vicki Stanwycks has been creating Mardi Gras Art for Galleries, Private Collections, Lobbies, Board Rooms, and private collectors. Some of her work is even in the Louisiana Supreme Court locally ad the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. You can acquire some Vicki Stanwycks Images by going to the On-line Art Gallery listed above. Mardi Gras images are on-display there as well as some of the other thins Vicki loves to photograph, including the Bayou, New Orleans, and Various Subjects...

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Experience Mardi Gras like never before with your camera. Call us for the details. We will tell you what to bring and how to prepare for your Mardi Gras Experience.


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