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Learning how to create images can be a part of you, forever.

In Studio Classes and On-Location Workshops

"We focus our attention on the elements of creativity"

"Art Speaks a language to each individual who creates. Understanding our art language helps us become better artists and storytellers..."

Community Assets. Creative Collaboration.

Each person that chooses to go deeper into their creative self, has a unique talent and style. Understanding how to bring that to life can make a real difference in how you approach you path to create your art - be it photography, painting or sculpting... Understanding your own passion to create is what will make you better and give you focus in your work. 


Take a Photographic journey.

Photography is a journey and a language onto itself.  Your journey is very personal as well as the images that you create and have yet to create. Exposing yourself to seeing what can be and what is will benefit your path tremendously and Vicki Stanwycks your Photo Arts Coach can help you understand and use the tools you have to create better images and tell better stories. 

We have helped photographers for more than 23 years

We have classes available, workshops and Photography Life Coaching. Photography is more than just a camera. Photography is a way of seeing and for some a way of life. We are available to help you in your journey to understanding your vision better and how to make your tools work with that vision. 


Skill is very important to understand the tools that help you create...

175,000 +

Attenuations per camera


Passion and love for whatever it is you are doing..

10,000 Hours+

You can become a master at anything....


Understanding Photography fundamentals and applying them to your photography journey will make you a better artist and storyteller. No matter what we are trying to accomplish we need to understand our tools so our minds eye can concentrate on the story we are trying to tell. 

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Please get in touch. We would like to talk to you about what you want to do and what would be best for your Photography Goals. We can help, for sure, we have been doing this a long time. 

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Learning how to create images can be a part of you, forever.

In Studio Classes and On-Location Workshops

Stanwycks Photography Studio, & Fine Art

Stanwycks Fine Art Photography  Gallery


Stanwycks Photo Arts features Vicki's Fine Art Photography. Vicki's Gallery features Fine Art Photography in several mediums and styles. Please Check it out!


Stanwycks has an On-Line Fine Art Gallery for various style prints, Canvas Wall Art and mediums...



DSC_6168_re6 Paint-3


Vicki Stanwycks Photographic Arts & Business Coach

"A Photographer Always..."

Aspiring Artists

"When we pick up our cameras we aspire to create... When we make images we want our images to be art. Art is very subjective and it all starts with what we like to look at and what we see in our minds eye..."
Creating art is a journey and it has to start somewhere. It starts first in your heart and takes flight through passion. No matter the medium if you feel it to make it, you will do anything to make it happen.

DSC_8595re1 Second LNEa

Nuts & Bolts to Sparkle...

My career has been a great journey of photographing nuts and bolts to beautiful things and people. I have taken some of the most mundane things and made them sparkle because I saw something mundane as a gem in the rough. It's how we see that can make all the difference in the world. Industrial Photography can be awesome, at least to me. Someone else not so much. be good at what you like to see and show it in your images.

Fine Art Photography

Stanwycks creates Photography, Paints, Paintings and Giclée's, Teaches workshops and classes and goes on Assignment either in the studio or on-location.  We all aspire to be an artist and create the best that we can.


"To Create is to be fearless..."

"I started traveling and creating images wherever and whenever I  could. To create is to be fearless, don't be afraid of what others think. If you want to do something  - you might think, it's been done before and stop before you start.  A wise woman told me once, "It's all been done before, do it anyway!"  And that has been my light to do what inspires me to try, learn, fail and do it again.

It's the fails that make you better and the wins that keep you trying for more. "

"Vicki Stanwycks Captures the Essence of New Orleans for Art or Assignments"

Stanwycks Photography, Black and White in Mexico at the Beach

Photographic Arts Coaching Sessions

Photography is an Art for some and elevating that art is what we focus on in these coaching sessions. Our Studio is committed to helping individuals get better at being a creative Image Maker.

 Photography Coaching, offering a better understanding at bringing the elements together in ones very personal, Photographic journey.

We offer daily Sessions, Days and Weekends....

By Appointment only

Phone:  504.899.9394 Studio


Variety of Images From Our Workshops

Exposure, Composition, Color and Black and White...


Building blocks for an Artful Photo Journey

Being an artist needs to be developed and we can help you develop your Art & Craft

The Art & Craft of Photography

Understanding Skills and your Art

Developing A Style

What makes you Unique with your work and developing like Images

Visual Sophisitication

Seeing art through others eyes makes us inspired to Create.

Your Portfolio

We help you understand a body of work that will be your portfolio

Stanwycks Photography


The Art and Craft of Photography


Creative Arts Life Coaching

The Art & Craft of Photography

Photography is a skill that if done with love and executed well,  becomes more than a skill, it makes you an artist or a craftsmen. We have to begin our journey learning from others and trusting their knowledge.

Stanwycks offers her knowledge and experience in her classes and workshops to help shape you on your path to Skill, Craftsmanship and Artistry.

Developing a Style

Photography is a skill and developing a style makes you unique from someone else. Their are many who pick up a camera and call themselves an artist, but being an artist that offers a style unique to their art makes them that much more unique.

Stanwycks offers her knowledge to help you develop that distinction in your work.  Developing a Style brings another layer to your work personally and as an artist.


Photographic Arts Coaching

Photographic Arts Coaching

Photography is an art and a science. Many want to explore the art of it and be creative artists. So understanding what you want to accomplish is key to your endeavors as an artist. There are steps to defining you as an artist.

Photography Arts Coaching with Vicki helps give you clarity on where you are now and where you want to go with your skills and talent. We work on the Craft of Photography, Developing Style with your works and your portfolio. These are the building blocks to being a part of the Photographic Arts Community.

Creating a Portfolio

Creating a Portfolio is a large part of the development of being a photographer. What is a portfolio? A portfolio should consist of a body of work that reflects your vision and skill as a photographer.

As a creative artist your portfolios should reflect your style and unique qualities to show the world who you are and what you can do.

Studio Web 2011-023
DSC_5144_bw painta

About Vicki Stanwycks and the Studio's Workshops

The Stanwycks Photography Studio  has been giving various workshops for more than 15 years, both creatively and the for those interested in the Nuts and Bolts of Photography. Vicki Stanwycks has been a commercial photographer for more than 23 years, shooting various Photography Specialties including; commercial advertising, aerial, models, industrial, corporate, events - people, places and things.

Vicki also owned a Gallery on Magazine Street for a few years knowing well, how to create  images for fine art as well as commercially. She has traveled extensively all over the United States and Europe, for commercial assignments and personally. Since 2010 she has also become a life coach and incorporates that into her classes and workshops to help you bring out the best in you and your creativity.

She offers workshops and classes for individuals and small groups offering her experience and expertise for a good Photography foundation and hands on practical knowledge.

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Using Your Camera to Tell Stories...

Photography in general alludes to fun and excitement. Photography also brings one to many places both in your minds eye and in the actual photograph. We travel to exotic places with the idea in mind to create equally exotic Photographs. We are travelers, we are adventure seekers and we want to see and do more and capture it through our cameras.

However if we don't know how to do it well, all that excitement dies fast when our Photographs don't look like what we felt and saw. Good Photography creates a feeling and better photography get us excited. The old cliché that;

"A picture is worth a thousand Words!"

It's true... I would like to think and hope that some images are worth more words and some Photographs do all the talking. Wouldn't you like to be that Creator? Wouldn't you like to create pictures that spoke to your viewing audience? Take the first step with us and we will get you on that path today. We will help you understand photography and it's language so much better. You will see!

Some More Images...

Headshots 2013aB 274_a (Side 274)
Headshots 2013aB 026 (Side 26)
DSC_5898_4_re3 (2)-8

Sessions, Image Development, Critiques and Portfolios 

Weekend Workshops gives us more time to hone your photography and artists skills, by setting goals, looking at your images.  Much learning can be received by looking and seeing what may have been done differently which sparks more questions and more learning and better image development.

It's difficult to show your work and think about being judged, but we all have to start somewhere and being around caring professionals make it easier. This is how your portfolio starts and becomes special. As a Professional photographer you have to show your work in order for people to see what you can do so they hire you or buy your work. It's part of the process.

Call Stanwycks Photography today at 504.899.9394 or email

Please call to discuss your ideas about your Photography Journey!

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