Boudoir Photography

Be My Valentine Photography...

"...Every day should be Valentines Day...."

Boudoir Photography at Stanwycks Photography...




Boudoir Photography at Stanwycks Photography...

Be My Valentine Photography...

"...Every day should be Valentines Day...."

Boudoir Photography


Sexy Images... you can be that woman! 

Our Photographers make it so easy for you and coach you every step of the way... Please schedule your appointment today... Do you like the images below? You could look like this for sure!

Couples & Engagement Photography Sessions Mini Sessions $149.

Be My Valentine Every Day Specials - Every Day should Be Valentines Day!

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Boudoir Photography

Stanwycks Photography specializes in creating Boudoir Photography for those who want to give something special and for a Wedding Present, Anniversary, or just because. Sometimes we just want to feel Beautiful and Sexy and do it for ourselves!!! Our Photographer will coach you every step of the way so you will have the most flattering poses and feel great about yourself in Pictures!

Big White Shirt Sessions, White Sheet Boudoir Sessions

Special Gifts for a Special One...

Studio or On-Location Choices

We offer great session options for our Boudoir Photography. We can go On-Location incorporating some of that New Orleans flair into your images. Location Photography is quite the adventure and makes for some great Photographs! Or... We shoot in the studio offering more privacy and a choice of Backgrounds. Or... Our Photographer's can also go to your home and photograph you in the privacy of your own space. There are many options available... Including our boudoir Mini Session for $139. Try our "BIG WHITE SHIRT" in Studio session, and the "WHITE SHEET" Studio Session.

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Boudoir Photography

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On Location


Different Looks

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Your Best Self

Boudoir & Couples Glamarous Photography Sessions

Mini Sessions $149.

"Every Day Should be Valentines Day Specials"

So you are in Love... You want to give your special one something special they will remember and hold dear! Boudoir, Sexy Images of you!!!  You may have just gotten engaged, Getting Married and you want to hang a beautiful Image of yourself or make a private album... Book a Boudoir session with us today!

Couples and Engagement Photography Sessions

Carry Your love with you always... in Pictures!

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We will only schedule appointments when it's safe....

"Every Day Should Be Valentines Day!"

Stanwycks Photography Studios offers Photography Sessions for Men and Woman, Individually and Together wanting Boudoir and engagement Images. Our Photographers create looks that reflect you and your unique looks and perhaps that sexy or Sensual look. Every subject has a unique look that makes then stand out from anyone else. Our clients love to show the best parts of themselves for their intimate others, and themselves - they just feel good making fun and sensual images. It's a great self esteem builder too!

Vicki Stanwycks coaches subjects to find their best selves in this very specialized field of photography . Location Photo sessions using New Orleans French Quarter and several hand picked locations are used as colorful backdrops, enhancing your Photographs.
Our Studio's Images are shot with the end result in mind for Wall Portraits, Prints, Wallets, Canvas Style Prints, books, and Albums, even Greeting Cards for Valentines Day! Go to our On-Line Shopping Gallery and you can order a wide variety of Prints and Specialty items to choose from.
If you have some ideas about your Photo Shoot, please tell us so we can shoot it. Let's go!

Sexy Images, and you look amazing!

A little information about what we do so you know who you are working with.

Just Do It!

So... You always wanted to have Sexy Photos of you... and thought, " no I can't..." "it's not me..." There are all kinds of reasons why you feel like you can't, but you can! Just Do it! We know for some it can be a difficult decision... Do you have 100 excuses not to do it?

We can help you feel great for sure and not self conscious... Knowing full well, that's easy for us to say!!! LOL... We make you feel relaxed at your session. We are completely respectful of privacy and know that most woman are not used to becoming models in an instant. However, Boudoir photography services are shot by woman and we coach you through - posing, outfits, etc. The proof is in the photos. Many clients can't pick.

A few weeks ago we photographed a woman who shed tears during her viewing session because she didn't think she could look so good! And that is easy to say, but it is really true... and we get this often. Julie wanted to make something special for her Fiancé... The images were really special, and she was the Sexy woman she dreamed of for her Photos.

Your Photographs Will Make You Feel Great About Yourself!

Perhaps you feel you should lose weight? Many feel that way before a session. "When I lose 20 pounds..." and they never do and continue to feel bad about themselves... These Photographs will make you feel great about yourself!

Our job is to make you feel great. All people are different shapes, sizes and each with different concerns, lighting, clothing and our skill set, we put those worries to rest. the Studio's been shooting Boudoir for over 20 years.

Good Boudoir photographers know how to coach clients during a shoot. If you're at ease during the shoot it will be better for your images. We treat every client like a model. Models didn't always know how to pose, and we realize you don't do this every day.

If this is something you have always wanted to do, just do it

Different Ideas Of Sexy

Every client has a different idea of Sexy and we respect everyone's taste. We have some very specific things we like to shoot that our client's love. These images on this page can be you.

We photograph all kinds of people including men for boudoir... Wives, Mothers, CEO's, Secretaries, Soccer Moms, and the like... Guys? Couples? Absolutely... Either in the studio or on-location...

Feel Like A Model For A Day!

We make it easy for you to feel and look like a model. Be a model for a day!!! We have Model Packages where you can have a few outfits and a Make Up artist. Valentines Day Perhaps? Everyone's idea of Sexy is different and we can make you look great with whatever looks you choose...

What a great gift for the person in your life! Call today and schedule an appointment. Lets talk soon! *Due to the sensitive nature of Boudoir we do not display at random our clients images, or show very many.

Want to give a great gift so someone special, your boyfriend, girlfriend (men in Boudoir for sure!) or spouse? What about you? A reminder of how great you are?

With every session we view your images right after the session.  We can also upload your images onto the On-Line Gallery  for client selections and Ordering Prints and Photo Products. 

Boudoir Photography by Stanwycks Photography

Stanwycks Photography Boudoir Photographers,

know how to capture the best parts of yourself for memorable images that you and your loved one will carry with you forever...

Give a gift that is very personal to a special loved one or do it for yourself!

Phone - 504.899.9394

Sexy, Fun, Boudoir Photography Sessions!

  • Colorful Sessions, Colorful Locations
  • Private and Confidential
  • Woman Photographers
  • Everyone's idea of sexy is unique and all their own
  • We make you look great
  • Make Up Artists Available
  • Vintage Styles
  • We can go to your location
  • Studio Or Location
  • Wall Art Metal Prints
  • Albums, Canvas Prints, Giclée's,
  • Black and white or color...
  • Professional Magazine Style Images that reflect your looks...
  • Book your session today
  • Coffee Table Books designed just for you....

In Studio or On-Location

Different Sessions, including "Big White Shirt" "White Sheet" "Sexy Lingerie" "Location Adventure" Boudoir shoots are all fun and we will make great Photos!

Wall Portraits, Studio Prints, Color, Black and White, Portfolios, Wallets, Announcements, Facebook Time Lines, Books, Albums, Retouching, etc...

Regular Boudoir Sessions begin at $229.
Mini Sessions $149.

  • Simple Mini Sessions $139
  • One Outfit Boudoir Sessions
  • Two Outfit Studio Session
  • Same as Above, One Outfit Session On Location Outdoors
  • Locations Outside in New Orleans - Pick how many Outfits
  • Two Outfit Session On-Location
  • Additional Looks
  • Images on Drop Box Available, remastering included, Please Inquire
  • All images available
  • Digital Processing is required for all digital images for clients
  • Retouching available

With every session we look at your images same day in our viewing room for selections or we upload your images onto the web site.

Be a Model for A Day...

Your images will last forever!

Boudoir Session in Studio

$289. Session
  • Studio Session of You...
  • 2 Looks
  • Different Poses
  • Immediate Viewing of Photo Session in Studio
  • Image Consultation with Photographer
  • Retouched Digital Image
  • All Images Avaialble Please Inquire
  • Various Products Available, Canvas, Albums, Books, Prints, Mini Albums, Cards, etc.

Boudoir Session On-Location

$369. Session
  • Studio | Studio Locations
  • Studio Locations
  • Immediate Viewing of Photo Session in Studio
  • Image Consultation with Photographer
  • Retouch or Remastered Final Image(s)
  • All Images Avaialble - Please Inquire
  • Images Uploaded onto the Internet for Package Selections

A-La-Carte Boudoir Studio & Location

A-LA-Carte Custom Sessions
  • Studio Portraits
  • 2 Studio Location Looks
  • Coaching & Fun and Serious Looks
  • Photographers Consultation about what looks work best for you
  • Retouching and Remastering Available
  • Various Styles of retouching Available depending on where you want the attention
  • Albums, Books, Cards, Mini Albums, Canvas, etc
  • Packages for Prints and Products Avaialble
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Models Girls_14

With every session we view your images right after the session.  We can also upload your images onto the On-Line Gallery  for client selections and Ordering Prints and Photo Products. 

Call Stanwycks Photography today at 504.899.9394 email

Do you have a special idea about your Boudoir Session? Let's chat about the details... We can make it happen for you, for sure!

Boudoir Photography

Commercial and Lifestyle Photography for all Walks of Life!


Photography is Our Studio's Passion... We have a great resume of assignments from all walks of life all over the United States. The South is our home from New Orleans to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. 


Stanwycks Photography offers Photography Workshops & Classes in the greater New Orleans Areas, the Bayou and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We have been teaching and offering Workshops for over 20 years. We love working with new people, cameras and going on-location - especially in colorful New Orleans and the Bayou!


Stanwycks Photography has been creating Portfolios for Models and Actors for over 20 years. We shoot Headshots, Full Body, Different looks, for Portfolio's and Modeling comp Cards. We offer free consultations so we can create a blue print just for you and your brand...

Contact Us....

New Orleans Studio:

Stanwycks Photography

4139 Tchoupitoulas Street

New Orleans, LA 70115


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Mississippi Studio:

Stanwycks Photography

1506 Nicholson Ave.

Waveland, Mississippi 39576


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