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Photography Adventures...

Photography Workshops, Classes & Coaching


Stanwycks Photography offers classes for those who want to understand Photography better for beginners, intermediates, and more experienced shooters...


Stanwycks Photography offers several Workshops for those wanting to have hands on photography coaching for the specialty in mind and the locations chosen for the specific Workshop chosen.


Photography Coaching and Classes are offered for those who want classes and hands on location coaching. Learning while doing with a Master Photography Coach can prove valuable to your images. 


Vicki Stanwycks offers photography Weekends, individually for those who want a photography learning experience While touring New Orleans.

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New Orleans is so Colorful,
a wonderful place to get those creative juices flowing.....

Understand Different Aspects of Photography from your Camera, to Understanding Light...

Exposure, Composition, Color and Black and White...

Stanwycks Will Help You Learn how to create images today and forever...

In Studio Classes, On-Location Workshops and Coaching

Variety of Images From Our Workshops

Exposure, Composition, Color and Black and White...

Shooting in New Orleans - Extra colorful and Creative!

The New Orleans is an awesome place especially, to be a Photographer.  Many of the workshops below can be tailored specifically to where you want to go, what you want learn with your cameras. If you are coming to New Orleans,  for a few days we can figure out a shooting schedule just for you! We have carefully crafted Itineraries for classes and workshops, and have worked with many clients who love to shoot, New Orleans makes it extra fun! Stanwycks Photography, Vicki Stanwycks, loves being your  guide and coach,  teaching technique and shooting skills and being your guide...

Please take a look around at our workshops and let us know what you want to do. We will tailor an itinerary just for you.  Contact us so we can come up with a plan. You will be better at Creating Photographs for sure after one of our workshops!

Workshops & Classes by Stanwycks Photography

Photography Workshops available, from beginners to more advanced shooters... Our Studio is committed to helping people get better at shooting Photography and understanding how it works!

We offer Photography Classes and Photography Workshops and Photography Coaching, offering a better understanding at bringing the elements together in their Photographic journey.

We offer daily Workshops and Weekends....

Phone:  504.899.9394 Studio

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Photography Can Be the Best Adventure

Do You Love Photography?

Learn from Experienced Professionals and Get the Most From Your Photographic Journey!

Photography Workshops & Classes

Various workshops are offered throughout the year and cover many topics. Please check this page from time to time to see if there's a topic that may interest you. We work with clients individually, from time to time offer group coaching for private groups - call us for your group!

Beginners, Intermediate and Experienced Shooters...

For Beginners, Intermediate and seasoned shooters...
Individual Workshops and classes available
Workshops & Classes working with individuals, one on one
Are you coming to New Orleans for a vacation or a convention?
Get your consultation to pin point what you could work on based on your photography goals.

Various Workshops and Classes Offered

  • Are you coming to New Orleans for a vacation or a Convention?
  • Individual Workshops and Classes 1:1, working with Individuals
  • Free Consultation to Pin Point areas of photography you could be working on based on your photography goals

Our workshops are serious to us, yet we love to have fun. Every individual gets hands on attention. Clients who have taken our workshops and coaching sessions come back all the time for more....

Your Photography Goals and Ambitions

Stanwycks Workshops Classes and Coaching, prove invaluable to get your Photography process started to lead you to your individual photography goals... We help you Focus more on your photography by showing you hands on how to shoot and help you create your individual Style.


Individual Photography Success

Photography Classes & Coaching have proved successful for many of our Attendees. The more you work on your creativity and understand photography, the more your images will improve. Our Studio is motivated to help you succeed, and we take our clients passion for photography seriously.

Stanwycks Workshops and classes are offered individually, unless you have a small group. If you attend group Workshops we try to never take more than 4 people so individuals can have individual attention.

Customized Classes & Workshops Just for You!

This page lists some of the workshops we offer. Please take a look around and let us know which one(s) you are interested in. If you don't see something you want exactly, please call us and we can figure out how to make something work just for you. We can do that because we have been in Photography for more than 23 years and know New Orleans pretty well...  If you see a few things you like listed, we can customize a photography plan just for you. Call today at 504.899.9394.

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Photography Workshops, Classes and Coaching


About Vicki Stanwycks and the Studio's Workshops

The Stanwycks Photography Studio  has been giving various workshops for more than 10 years, both creatively and the for those interested in the Nuts and Bolts of Photography. Vicki Stanwycks has been a commercial photographer for more than 23 years, shooting various Photography Specialties including; commercial advertising, aerial, models & actors, industrial, corporate, events - people, places and things.

Vicki also owned a Gallery on Magazine Street for a few years knowing quite well how to images for fine art as well as commercially. She has traveled extensively all over the United States and Europe, for commercial assignments and personally. Since 2010 she has also become a life coach and incorporates that into her classes and workshops to help you bring out the best in your creativily.

Customizing your Photography Itinerary

This page lists some of the workshops we offer. Please take a look around and let us know which one(s) you are interested in. If you don't see something you want, please call us and we can figure out how to make it happen just for you.

If you see a few things you like listed, we can customize a photography plan just for you. Call today at 504.899.9394.

Classes, Coaching or Workshops, we help clients make better Photographs

Whatever you choose when working with us we want to help you be better with your camera and how you use it. We believe in starting form the basics as a foundation.

One can read many books on photography and until you have someone standing there with you and telling you why it is or isn't working, you won't get it as quickly as you may think. Besides all that we make your experience with us fun and memorable, shooting in your desired locations.

Whether on the Gulf coast or in New Orleans we make it interesting and your images will be a direct result.


Classes Individuals One on One & Small Groups

Classes: Great for New Orleans Locals

  • We offer 2 Classes for Beginners & Intermediate
  • All the functions of your Camera
  • Understanding the Direct Relationship of Light and how it effects your images
  • A computer Class is Optional, including Computer Techniques and Software
  • Our classes are 2 - 3 hours long

Beginning Photography Workshops

Workshops: Great for those from Out of Town


  • Workshops are Full days and Weekends
  • Workshops Include Classes and Location Shooting, using New Orleans as your Backdrop
  • Hands on Instruction, Vicki Stanwycks Works with you as you shoot to get better images and understand the why's and hows
  • Individuals & Small Groups
  •  One and two day workshops Available.

Coaching One On One

We offer Coaching based on your individual shooting goals. We evaluate where you are now with relationship to your knowledge of:

  • Photography
  • Camera
  • Computer
  • Skills

And come up with a plan of action so you can realistically meet your goals.

New Orleans Style Workshops

New Orleans Workshop Adventures

In New Orleans Style Workshop's we spend time dedicated to creating images of New Orleans. New Orleans is filled with color, sights and sounds, (some very unique sights, for sure) like no other place in the country.

We have a class at the start of the day, and then venture off to see and feel as much of New Orleans as we can in our workshop time together.

Vicki Stanwycks is with you every step of the way working with you to create beautiful images and see the New Orleans landscape, and the finer points of interest.  We  can Explore the French Quarter, Grave Yards, New Orleans Architecture, Fishing Areas, Local People, etc. if you want to experience New Orleans and Capture the local color, culture and flair of it's people,  this workshop is for you!

Different options are available as listed below,  based on what you want to see and your time frame. Give us a call and we can discuss the detail's...


New Orleans Photography Workshop

Photography is a Journey, and New Orleans is definitely one of those places that offer a Plethora of Interesting things to Photograph based on the rich histories and cultures New Orleans has to offer as outlined abobve. New Orleans has maintained it's historic feel and offers a very colorful Palette for those interested in creating beautiful images.

One could spend days Photographing New Orleans and seeing all the sights, sounds, tasting the local flavor that New Orleans has to offer. New Orleans Workshops are flexible that work around where we decide to explore with a Professional Photographer and Guide.

We have been shooting New Orleans and it's sights for over 23 years and know where and how to shoot the wonderful things New Orleans has to offer. If you want to see and shoot without the hassle of the crowds and have an Authentic New Orleans Experience, either Traditionally, Urban or both - this Workshop/Tour is for you...

The French Quarter - New Orleans Workshop

The New Orleans French Quarter is one of the Most Colorful places to photograph rich with history and culture at the heart of New Orleans.

From the beautiful streets of the French Quarter to the historic Balconies, laden with beautiful iron works and Gas Light torches that light the way; the gorgeous courtyards and splendid gardens; to the mysterious aura at night that surrounds Bourbon Street, Royal Street, from Canal to Esplanade Avenue...

Night or day seeing all the sights, sounds, and tasting the local flavor that New Orleans has to offer one can create some really beautiful images while using the New Orleans French Quarter as the subject.

Photographing People to Architecture the subject range is great. We focus on different spots/areas in the French Quarter that will get your creative juices flowing.

This is a flexible Workshop that works around your stay in New Orleans.

Bayou Photography Workshops

The beauty of the Bayou will be seen in this workshop. We travel into the Louisiana Swamps and Bayous with an experienced  Captain and guide on his boat.  This is quite the adventure. If you like Landscape Photography this workshop offers great opportunity.

We motor off into the Bayous where our guide brings us to some of the prime Bayou Areas,  showing Cypress Knees, Hanging Moss Trees, Gators, Swamps, Louisiana Nature, and it's various animals and Birds. If you like bird Photography some days we can find many birds, like Egrets and the Great Blue Heron. Gators? We see Gators and can get some great photographs of Alligators, for sure.

We visit  fishing areas, Old Grave Yards and see some of the locals discussing the catch of the day... Vicki Stanwycks assists and teaches how to create images of the New Orleans Bayou Landscape, Gators, Hanging Moss Cypress Trees, People, and Graveyards. This workshop offers a glimpse into the Cajun Lifestyle and it's people and the Beautiful Landscape as only seen by boat. 

New Orleans Night Photography Workshop

New Orleans really comes alive at night. Shooting at night vs during the day are 2 different visuals.

See the sights and sounds of the French Quarter, the Marigny, Local color,  neon lights, and the streets of the French Quarter.

We travel through the French Quarter and explore Bourbon Street, Jackson Square, some famous areas that have colorful signage and Neon,  travel to the outskirts of the quarter,  the CBD, The river, Frenchman Street, the Theater District, the Superdome, and several other locations...

Learn to capture images at night, the mood and feeling in New Orleans and use this workshop's instruction for future travel when shooting at night.

Very Informative about New Orleans and it's night culture. If you like the idea of shooting at night this workshop will be interesting as well as fun.

Ask about our famed workshop... "Urban New Orleans in 25 Miles"
Most Popular New Orleans Areas

New Orleans Garden District

New Orleans is known for it's historical homes especially in the Garden District area. The Architecture Styles of New Orleans  are rooted in the Garden District including The Famous Author, Ann Rice, "Interview with a Vampire."

The Historic homes that can be seen and photographed are a taste of history as beautiful and as colorful as ever, including the beautiful styled Iron Fences -  huge Oak Trees that line the New Orleans streets as an example.

We can see one of the famous cemeteries as shot in the TV Series CSI New Orleans. The history and images to be gotten are a part of the

New Orleans history you don't want to miss.   See the street cars that run along St. Charles Ave and explore the Avenues,  the Boutique areas of Magazine Street... A very interesting Part of New Orleans Culture for sure.

The Uptown Areas of New Orleans

Much to see in the Uptown areas of New Orleans. We will start exploring some of Southern Architecture and large structural frontal Columned homes, including architecture along Prytania and St. Charles Avenue's.

We venture off into the  University areas showing the colleges nestled in the uptown parts of town, including the famous Audubon Park & some of it's attractions, Oak Trees & bronze statues.

Then off to photograph some of the areas that some of the locals see and do - perhaps a little differently than the tourist areas of town...

Where ever we go in New Orleans it's filled with color and culture unlike anywhere else  in the country.

The Downtown Fauberg Marigny Areas

We go and explore the Marigny areas of New Orleans which are just below the French Quarter where you can see a different side of New Orleans History as a work in progress.

Many artists live in the Marigny areas. NOCCA a famous arts school for high school students is housed in this area, offering much inspiration for students.

Sometimes a New Orleans Brass Band can be seen performing on the streets of the Marigny. We also explore the Esplanade Ave. and it's architecture and color...

Venture into parts of Treme and off to some of the older parts of town featuring a different cultural experience.

The Famous New Orleans Cities of the Dead

One could spend days photographing in the New Orleans cemeteries. There are many cemeteries in New Orleans and we focus on the most interesting ones for photography.

As New Orleans is only 8 feet above Sea Level Tombs need to be above ground.

These historical structures and statues make for some very beautiful imagery, colorful and monotone photography. We start in the Garden District seeing one of the most widely filmed Cemeteries to the TV and in the Movie industry. You will see different styled historical tombs.

Then we venture off to several Areas featuring these interesting historical Grave areas which houses some very beautiful Statues. New Orleans cemeteries are huge, historical and offer a taste of history you won't find anywhere else.

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About Us

Stanwycks Photography has been shooting for more than 23 years all over New Orleans and the Gulf Coast and Nationally. Give us a call today so we can discuss your project(s). Please look through our pages and hope you enjoy our images. Thank you... -Vicki Stanwycks

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Stanwycks Photography 504.899.9394 1..228.220.4833
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What Other Are Saying

"Fantastic Headshots for my office. They set up a studio at our location and everyone got photographed and looked great.  Then we shot some images around areas of our office with the staff, including the Board Room, the lobby, some of the attorney's offices, etc. We wanted our website to reflect our People and our work place. Vicki did it,  and we looked professional and the office shots reflected who we are and our professionalism. Within a few days we had our images, and off they went to our Web Designer. Very Pleased!"  -Lauri Baker

" We have been working with Stanwycks photography for about 8 years now. We send all of our New Hires to Vicki for their Executive Portrait Session's. We use these images on the web and for various things we need Headshot's for.  Vicki makes it simple for us. I would  highly recommend Stanwycks Photography to any Corporate firm. She really has made it seamless for us."  - Cheryl Landsman

"So we wanted something different for our Executive's. We didn't want the same type of looks. We had Vicki do some in her studio against different backgrounds with a few of our people. She tried a Green Screen, we shot against white, and we also went to a few locations around our office, outside. The green screen we used two different backgrounds that were dropped in later - some very contemporary looks. The ones against white were clean - light and airy, and the ones outside were great. We couldn't decide. We chose different one's for different things and we use these Pictures all the time. It's good when you like more than few and want them all. And to top it off, Vicki and her assistant's are really very nice and fun to work with."  -Jennifer Bordelon

Frequently Asked Questions

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We are happy to discuss what projects you have coming up and are eager to help!

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